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(( Tries this new thing called “going bed at a decent time…”
Lays in bed awake for the next five hours. ))

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how the fuck would that be laziness anyway. have you ever tried to fix something broken that shit is time-consuming as hell and certainly not easy

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I have been tagged by Quirkyquack  a long, long time ago and I totally forgot to answer it, so I thought it might be a nice time to do it now, since I’m utterly bored, and what’s more fun than getting to know people?

1. What weapon would you chose if you had to fight someone?

A sword. I’ve always thought that swords are cool.

2. What are your favorite TV shows and/or movies?

If you’ve seen my blog, you could guess I’m really into Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Avengers, I also really like Top Gear.. Some other shows I follow are How I Met Your Mother and Adventure Time. Ah, and I haven’t mentioned The Hobbit or Star Trek, did I? There are too many films I haven’t named but do love, I’ve got a varying taste in films, you name it.

3. Good, evil, or neutral?

Good, with a tiny splash of evil.

4. What kind of games do you like to play?

This is bad. Very bad. I don’t play any games regularly, so I can’t answer this one.

5. When you dance, how do you describe your best/signature move? 

6. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose?

A brontosaurus. I can use his neck and tail as a slide and imagine the hugs you could give it. So much body to hug. Yeaws. OH MY GOD BUT IMAGINE THE MESS IT WOULD MAKE I MEAN IF A DOG CAN SHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE IMAGINE WHAT KIND OF A DUMB A BRONTOSAURUS WOULD TAKE SIHT

7. What is your favorite use of a gif?

Like, the sarcastic ones, those are great.

8. Who/what is your greatest enemy?

Moths. Do I hate those spastic motherfuckers. Even more than spiders. LEARN TO ACCEPT LIGHT. LIFE IS MADE OUT OF LIGHT. ORGANISMS NEED LIIIIIGHT.

9. Do you like musicals?

Yes! I do, actually. We used to do a musical every year as closure of the year we’d been in at primary school. I love it when you get to tell a story throughout dancing and singing. People say I can’t sing but I like to differ.

10. What color do you find you wear the most often? Is it your favorite?

I guess that must be blue. One of my favourites, yes.

11. How do you describe your fandom?

A bunch of psychopaths? No, everyone’s great. I mean, the things people come up with are amazing, art, gifs, complot theories. Darn it people. Behave. 

So, after answering these questions it’s time for me to think of something original, here’s my go:

1. If you could be a character from a film, book or serie, who would you be and why?

2. What kind of flowers do you like the most?

3. Summer or Winter?

4. If you could use five characteristics to describe yourself, which ones would it be?

5. Name the most awesome thing you’ve ever done.

6. Who do you hold dearest? (It could be a friend, a familymember, a pet, name it.)

7. For what exactly did you join Tumblr?

8. How many languages do you speak fluently?

9. What do you consider the most precious moment of your life, so far?

10. What do you hate seeing on your dashboard?

11. What makes you snap?

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Look how happy all the grass Pokémon are


never stop dancing lil’ buddies


this ones mad bc he wants to dance too but has no legs

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favorite character meme → [3/4] relatonships
↳ amy and her rory

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